Medina Complex of Agadir, a Wild Dream

Medina Complex of Agadir, a Wild Dream

The Medina of Agadir is a tourism complex distinguished by its architecture and traditional aspect located in the southwest of Agadir city, in the district of Aghroud Bensergao. Built-in 1992 by the Italian architect Beato Polizzi, the building fulfills the builder’s dream of providing Agadir with a medina. The complex, also known as Medina Polizzi, was developed in accordance with the regional architectural guidelines and the millennium stone art.

It has a wonderful design that also allows visitors to learn about local crafts and Soussi culture. A must-see spot during your visit to the pearl of the Souss, and an emotional experience that will delight both young and old.

A Contemporary Artisanal Setting

The Medina Polizzi is spread across 4.5 hectares on the borders of a eucalyptus forest. It includes many craft workshops, magnificent gardens, and an amphitheater. Its architecture is worth the visit as it is influenced by the region’s old structures and incorporates elements from the Mediterranean and African styles. The complex is built in conjunction with the surrounding landscape, and both the vegetation and the light play a key role.

Its designer aimed to give Agadir an environment that reflected its immaterial wealth. A cultural center that celebrates the Souss’ crafts and architecture and represents the city’s rebirth. Since 2019, the Souss-Massa Regional Tourism Development Agency has been in charge of the site’s promotion and development.

The places give off a strong feeling of a change of scenery and offer a secret immersion in the history of the Souss-Massa region.

A range of activities for you

Above all, the complex is a place of exploration. For 40dhs/person, you can stroll its alleyways and gardens and enjoy the beauty of the place. The location is also ideal for taking beautiful photos due to its exceptional light and spectacular scenery. The kids will also enjoy taking photos on the back of a camel or a horse. You will also have the opportunity to visit artisan workshops and galleries, as well as learn about traditional arts up close. This is your chance to order custom-made babouches or jewelry!

The Medina Polizzi also has a restaurant providing local dishes and an amphitheater ideal for cultural events.

Did you know?

The old Agadir medina, which was located at the Kasbah Agadir Oufella, was completely destroyed after the 1960 earthquake that devastated the city. Today, only a few remnants can be seen there, enclosed by ramparts that were rebuilt the same day after the earthquake. As a result, the Medina Polizzi carries a significant symbol and pays tribute to the hundreds of gadiris lost during this tragedy.


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