Discovering Aït Mansour & Tafraout Oasis


Tafraout is famous not only for its traditional slippers, but also for the variety of all kind of rocks that are located above a palm grove protecting the argan, almond, and olive trees. The magnificent Ait Mansour gorges are 30 kilometers south of Tafraout and are easily accessible.


This tour is divided into two steps, which will take you an entire day to explore its wonders.

Step 1

At 7 a.m., you will start this journey by driving to Tiznit and then to Tafraout. Take a well-deserved break along the way to enjoy the Kerdous col. Tiznit is located 1100 meters above the Souss plain, on the Kerdous pass. It allows you to reach a plateau where the climb provides stunning views of the Anti-Atlas’ pink mountains. These are stunning natural landscapes.

After that, take the road that crosses the villages of Jemaa Ida Ousemlal and Izerbi on its way to the Ait Mansour gorges. You will be amazed by a rainbow canyon which is located in a stony desert surrounded by massif rock fires that dominate the landscape. And just when you think there’s nothing else this region has to offer, a gorgeous oasis brimming with life appears, meandering between palm groves and villages along the Oued (river).

Step 2

In the afternoon, stopping at Tafraout for a delicious meal is a no-brainer. Following your lunch break, you will have the option to explore Tafraoute and its famous attractions, including the Tafraout’s painted rocks and the peculiar looking rock known as Napoleon’s helmet. It is possible to return to Agadir through Ait Baha.


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