Toubkal National Park

Toubkal National Park

The Toubkal National Park covers roughly 39,000 hectares in the central High Atlas and overlaps the provinces of Al Haouz, Taroudant, and Ouarzazate. The Park, which protects Morocco’s most unique mountainous massifs, is recognized for its strong reliefs, exceptional beauty of its landscapes, and remarkable biodiversity. It is also unique because of its caring people and architectural and cultural heritage.


Between valleys and reliefs, you will have the chance to challenge yourself both physically and emotionally while surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Here are three must-see attractions to help you better discover this natural beauty!

Tifnoute Valley

The Tifnoute Valley, located in the mountains, flows along a river of the same name and provides a perfect setting for spectacular hikes. You will begin off on foot or mountain bike towards the valley’s borders and its uneven reliefs, surrounded by the sound of waterfalls and magnificent greenery. There, you will be fascinated by natural landscapes, as well as the diverse species that the Park protects. You will also have the chance to see antique structures suspended from the valley’s hills, as well as meet the most welcoming locals.

Ifni Lake

As you ascend the Valley, you will discover an entirely mineral environment that is home to a one-of-a-kind natural attraction: Ifni Lake. It is Morocco’s highest mountain lake, located at 2220 meters. You will be able to see the entire charm of the lake from the top of the cliffs. The waters reflecting the bare peaks, taking on a half-emerald, half-sapphire color, like a beautiful stone in the middle of granite blockfield. The lake’s edges are certainly steep, but the western end has a flat terrain that provides hikers, when the weather allows it, with a great stopover for resting, picnicking, and swimming.

Adrar N’Dren

Mount Adrar N’Dren (the mountain of mountains), at more than 3600m, is a popular trekking site for hikers and one of the common alternatives on the Atlas route. The climb is made gradually around the ridge, whose vegetation gradually gives way to huge stony conglomerates. Once at the top, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a superb 360° panoramic view of the landscapes of the Tifnut Valley, Jbel Toubkal, and the Siroua massif to the south.

Did you know?

Toubkal National Park is home to an extraordinary wildlife. It is most notable for having a huge number of Barbary sheep. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the presence of rare species such as the bearded vulture, golden eagle, and pink-winged bullfinch. There are also endemic reptiles, such as the lovely and harmless Schokari Snake and the terrifying Atlas Viper.


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