In the land of Beni Draa


On the borders of the Sahara, the Beni Drâa Geopark extends to the very south of the Souss-Massa Region and contains several fanciful oases in its foothills. Departing from Tata, embark on an exciting day trip blending nature and heritage.

Step 1

Agouliz Cliffs

  • Journey: 40min / 32Km
  • Activities: Oasis / Hiking / Canyon


The village of Agouliz, located east of Tata, provides access to a magnificent canyon and a unique wild palm forest. After crossing the small alleys, you will begin a long trek over a cliff with spectacular panoramic views. Then you’ll arrive at the wild oasis for a well-deserved rest among the palm trees’ shades.

Step 2


  • Journey: 1h15min / 84Km
  • Activities: Oasis / Architectural curiosities / Picnic


Take the N12 national road from Tata and continue west to Akka to enjoy its attractions. After refueling in the town, proceed to Agadir n’Owzrou, a Ksar perched on a rocky ridge overlooking Akka’s palm grove and river. Visit the palm grove and pick a spot for a picnic.

The journey ends with a visit to the Lalla Baytou-Allah minaret, the last surviving remnant of the mosque that was formerly located at the heart of the Abdellah Ben Mbark Kasbah.

Step 3


  • Journey: 1h10 / 83Km
  • Activities: Hiking / Oasis / Underground village


Icht, both Saharan and mountainous, is one of the Bani Drâa’s most attractive oases. Long kept secret, the site also houses an incredible architectural marvel: an underground village. Get ready to explore under the shade of palm trees and three underground floors! At dusk, take a walk up one of the rocky cliffs to see a spectacular sunset with ocher, gray, and golden colors.



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