100% gadiri: Live like a local

Insider tips to uncover the real Agadir

Agadir’s charm is defined by its people and their way of life than by its tourist attractions. Some local places are fascinating to discover if the city gladly gives up its secrets.

A walk on the Corniche

It was transformed into a 4km paved sidewalk where people may jog, cycle, play, walk, dine, and socialize. To get an idea, stroll across it.

The Souk visits

You’ll adore this newly rebuilt covered market, which hides delicious treasures and surprises. Fresh products on one side, meats on the other, with customers and retailers talking loudly to each other. The souk is vibrant with shops, boutiques, and a variety of exquisite smells.


Despite its small size, this lovely area has a vibrant arts and culture scene. Its cafes, parks, and coworking spaces feature a variety of sustainable and social activities created by its residents.

Agadir from above

Climb to Agadir Oufella to see the city glowing at sunset. From there, a stunning view of Agadir can be seen, with your sight drawn to the never-ending ocean. Agadir Oufella can be reached by cable car; it can also be done on foot in about 20 minutes for free.


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