Icht, the Underground Village

Icht, the Underground Village

The oasis of Icht, hidden at the foot of Jbel Beni, is considered one of the most beautiful in the Tata Province. The oasis of Icht is surrounded by a severe and arid terrain, therefore the spot is surprisingly green. The foothills of the Anti-Atlas become increasingly sandy, marking the start of the Sahara. The long-hidden location is home to an incredible architectural marvel: an underground village!


A great combination of vegetation, exoticism, culture, and stunning views for an amazing adventure. A great experience to live fully with your children.

3 floors underground

From a distance, Icht appears to be a typical village of the region. Despite this, the kasbah is unique as it is located meters underground. At the ground level, small doors lead to a labyrinth of underground alleys that serve the various houses. Sometimes exceeding 3 floors. Each house is bridged by a big skylight, which illuminates and ventilates the rooms dug into the earth. There is also a mosque and various communal rooms at the Kasbah.

To see the underground corridors, you must find a local guide. The buildings are private, and some are still in use.

An unparalleled architectural marvel that meets a vital need: relief from the heat. Remember, we’re at the Sahara gate and the Anti-Atlas is behind us; So, temperature can reach 50° C during the summer.

Explorers, light up your torches and follow the guide, another world is awaiting you!

Exceptional treks

In Icht, all roads lead to adventure. Stroll through the gardens of the oasis, following the intertwined seguias (irrigation channels) under the palm trees. Then set off to uncover a Mars-like environment, where savannah plateaus and strata are interrupted by golden dunes. A rough and sublime nature, ideal for some encounters like: beautiful gazelles, shy lynx, wild boars, proud eagles, foxes, hares…

There are also other rock engraving sites in the area, which are genuine prehistoric remnants of the Bani-Drâa region.

From the rocky cliffs, you will have the luxury of observing exquisite landscapes that gradually combine ochre, blue, gray, and gold. Photographers, have your cameras ready!

Did you know?

Around the massif overlooking Icht, over 50km to the east, you will come across Tadakoust, a small oasis at the foot of an inquisitive pyramid. This is a cascading rock formation, dotted with stone buildings, the top of which houses an ancestral fortress. Another example of the ingenuity of the builders of the region!


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