The Campers Greatest Tour

Agadir – Taroudannt – Tissint – Tata – Tafraout – Tiznit – Ait Baha – Inzegane – Agadir

Souss-Massa is the perfect destination for camping lovers looking for a night under the stars. The region includes a variety of camping sites with diverse landscapes, including mountains, oases, desert, valleys, and heavenly beaches. Follow the roads in your camping-car to discover the Panorama of Souss-Massa and the Region’s touristic potential.

Day 1 and 2

Agadir – Taroudannt

  • Journey: 1h40min / 85Km in average
  • Activities: Oasis / Stoll / VTT / Region’s landscapes / Hunting / Secular Architecture
  • Equipped camping areas available

The journey starts in Agadir. You can save time by taking the A3 road and then the P1708 road, or you can take the roads that cross the plain passing through several villages and towns. When you arrive in Taroudant, take a tour of the medina before heading to the Tioute Oasis. Set up a tent for the first night and enjoy the wild nature and the majestic atmosphere of the place. For more excitements, visit the oasis on a mountain bike! (VTT).

The following day, head to Taliouine to experience the Safran immersion. Choose a spot in the village and explore the “Red Gold” with a local cooperative. You can also visit the Kasbah of Glaouis and Agadir n’Ifri a few kilometers apart. 

Hunting enthusiasts can, depending on the season, go on a hike hunting wild boars, partridges and other birds.

Day 3

Taliouine – Tissint

  • Journey: 2h30 / 158Km
  • Activities: Oasis / Salty Waterfalls / Kasbah / Bivouac 
  • Wild Camping and Bivouac

Take the road to the far South, traveling through the Anti-Atlas and its steep and moon-like landscapes. At the end of the P1743 road, the N12 road will take you to Tissint, the salt oasis. Here, explore the authentic village and immerse yourself in the local traditions and handicrafts. Then head to the salty waterfalls of Attiq, the ultimate resort spot. Shaded by palm trees and comforted by the melody of waterfalls, settle down for the afternoon and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings landscapes.

At the end of the day, take few minutes to drive from Tissint to Akka n’Ait Sidi. You can camp on the river’s edge or enjoy a bivouac experience on the hill above the palm grove, in the middle of a magnificent Martian landscape.

Day 4

Tata – Akka

  • Journey: 2h30 / 158Km
  • Activities: Natural Attractions / Handirafts / Authentic Village / Secular Architecture
  • Equipped camping areas available

Continue your journey to the oasis of Jbel Bani by following the N12 road on the edge of the Sahara. The first step is Tata. Before visiting the oasis, take a tour through the Messalit Caves, located 30km to the north. Then stroll through the charming town and its local craft shops, and taste the famous Tataoui tagines.

After resupplying, head to Akka where you will spend the night. Akka is a magnificent paradise with centuries-old architectural marvels. You can also visit various rock engraving sites with a local guide.


Day 5 and 6

Akka - Tafraout

  • Journey: 2h30 / 158Km
  • Activities: Cultural immersion / Hiking / Mountainous Valley / Attractions / Gorges
  • Equipped camping areas available

After a good night’s sleep, take the road to the heart of the Eastern Anti-Atlas, Tafraout. You can spend the day exploring the rich local culture or trekking in the famous Ammeln Valley. You can camp in the evening in front of the Lion’s Head or south of the city.

On the following day, head south for an exciting day. The journey starts at the city’s exit, near the village of Iguerd Oudad, with its mythical rock. Discover the Painted Rocks, a magnificent artistic masterpiece, a few kilometers further. Then, leave the regional road and follow a rather steep mountain trail that will lead you to a heavenly spot: the Ait Mansour Gorges.

You can camp in the palm grove or near the Painted Rocks, or you can return to Tafraout for more comfort.

Day 7 and 8

Tafraout – Aglou - Tiznit

  • Journey: 2h20 / 124Km
  • Activities: Beach / Camel rides / Nautical activities / Handicrafts / Medina
  • Equipped camping areas available

On the 6th day, drive to the shore for a refreshing layover and for a change of scenery. Enjoy the pleasant climate at the beach and all the activities available in Aglou. Finish the day by camping in Tiznit. 

Set off to explore the medina and silverware crafts after a delicious traditional breakfast. The tour and shopping will keep you entertained for the entire day. End the day with a cup of tea in hand while watching Aglou’s exquisite sunset, which is only 20 minutes away from the camp site. Treat yourself to a well-deserved break after a long week!

Day 9

Tiznit – Ait Baha

  • Journey: 1h45/ 92Km
  • Activities: Historic Architecture / Fishing / Hiking
  • Wild camping

Continue north and cross the high massifs of the Anti-Atlas, towards Ait Baha, the land of Igoudar. Discover the Agadir Imchgueguilne, Ikouna near the city, and Inoumar a bit further away. You can also go fishing for Black Mass in the Ahl Souss dam. Camp in the woods near your chosen attraction.

Day 10

Ait Baha – Inzegane – Agadir

  • Journey: 1h20/ 74Km
  • Activities: Shopping / Handicrafts / Urban tourism / Beaches
  • Equipped camping areas available

The last destination of the tour! You can go on a shopping spree in Inzegane, then spend the rest of the day living like a Gadiri at the hospitality of the Souss’s pearl. If you still have a few days, go from a beach to another till you reach Imsouane’s, or take the honey route to Ida Outanane’s region.


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