Ammeln Valley

Ammeln Valley

The Ammeln Valley, located in the middle of the Anti-Atlas pink mountains, is a true natural gem with ancestral cultural legacy. The valley is distinguished by its rocky and green landscapes, authentic buildings, and local customs and traditions.

This peaceful haven, easily accessible from Tafraout, is the ideal place to relax and connect with nature. Explore these charming destinations on long hikes and explore the trails to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Under the gaze of the lion

The Ammeln Valley occupies a basin overlooked by steep cliffs, and extends over a long green corridor at the foot of Jbel El Kest. A magnificent setting, ornamented with olive trees, carob trees, argan trees, palm trees, and almond trees.


Therefore, it is a mountain oasis with outstanding flora and fauna as well as centuries-old architectural marvels. The Ammeln Valley is dotted with roughly twenty small douars that blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Some of the buildings are even oddly tied to the mountainside!


The famous “Lion’s Head” dominates the Valley. It is a mountain whose reliefs shadows draw the eyes and muzzle of a lion with a proud gaze, who guards this paradise.

Hike for everyone!

The Valley is ideal for hikers of all skill levels. You can take a pleasant walk among cultivated fields and wild gardens, following accessible and shaded paths. Adventure seeking individuals will opt for challenging treks to passes and peaks with an elevation of 1000m. From the top of the cliffs, they will be able to appreciate an amazing canvas in green, bronze, and pink colors, reminiscent of local jewelry.

Spring has arrived, and the Ammeln Valley turns into a Greenland. Therefore, it is the perfect time to go exploring. To access the most isolated areas, go with a local guide.

Meet the locals at the end of your vacation to learn about their fascinating culture. You might even discover the inside of some authentic houses, as well as visit the on-site museums. You can also spend the night in traditional cottages or under the stars near a water source.

Did you know?

For generations, the Ammeln people have lived in the valley. It is a big Amazigh tribe, which has settled in the area, and cultivated cereals and fruit trees. The Ammelns are also well-known for their trade skills. Many of them became wealthy businessmen after having emigrated to the big cities. Observe the few spectacular palaces and estates located on the Valley’s banks.


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